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first of all, I want to introduce myself:

My name is Peter Niemann (already visible at the last page), and I opened my eyes in Bad Saarow, a spa nearby  Berlin.

I grew up in Berlin, first in Pankow (a district of Berlin), later in Friedrichshain, and after  that I moved back to Pankow.

My first years at school I spent in the Eckertstreet in Friedrichshain, a few years later I changed to the school in the Straßmannstreet,  and when we (my family and I) moved to Pankow I enrolled in the school in the Neumannstreet. After all that, I moved once again to another school, where I graduated in 1985. That school was in the Görschstreet/ Pankow.

In the autumn of '85, I started as an apprentice to become an engine assistant, which was in Rostock, at the shipping company DSR. I finished after 2 years.

One year later, I had to join the army. During my time off I worked as an engine assistant on board of a ship. I left the army in 1990.

Until the end of 1990, I worked in my job on a few ships. In '91 I lost my job, but I didn't waste that time, because I learned to become a ship mechanic. The time between the end of my trainee works and the course at the end of the year, I worked at couchette coaches for Mitropa.

From 1992 until 1993, I worked as a ship mechanic for the shipping company Hamburg / Süd.

From September 1993 until October 1996, I studied successfully Schiffsbetriebstechnik in Warnemünde, and I earned the title of an engineer.

Since 1996, I worked as the  2nd engineer on a few ships for NSB.

In  January 2004, I was promoted to the position of a Chief Engineer.

Contact: Peter.Niemann@gmx.de