Oli, since 30.09.2002 Doktor of veterinary medicine.

On MV "California Senator" I met Philip. Here's a link to his music studio. A private site will follow later.

This is a link to Eule, a good relative. I met him during my studies for engineer.

Here is Dominik. He's living in New York and is looking for engagements as an actor. We met us on the "California Senator".

Sam is actress too - and Doms girlfriend, very sympathic.

Alex shouldn't be missed, he is nautical officer and lives in Sydney. We've worked together on the MV "Ibn Sina". At the same time we had some apprentices, Frauke and Katrin, also on these pics.

Andre was ship's mechanician on the Sea Leopard. Since that time we were friends - and I witnessed his marriage with Mandy.

Techno - as known as Jan, is a good friend since my studies in Warnemuende. He showed me spanish wines and food - I love it.

Last but not least: Suse , she worked shortly as waitress in the "Garbaty".

To be continued!